"I called around 10:00 a.m. requesting a gift basket to be made for my daughter and boyfriend who were moving to Richmond from Philadelphia, and wanted it delivered that day. It wasn’t a generic gift basket I wanted, but I had specific things like certain fruits, wine, drinks, grocery store gift card, etc., therefore I essentially sent Jane on a wild goose chase over the city of Richmond to put this together. Not only did she go beyond my expectations, she had it done, worked through the leasing office of the apartment and had the basket delivered directly to their apartment and even put the drinks in the refrigerator. My daughter was exhausted, hungry, frustrated from the 5 hour plus drive with traffic and was SOOOOO excited to have the gift basket waiting for her. Jane was amazing to work with and I would highly recommend her for any projects that you would want put together. She was professional, dependable and an absolute pleasure to work with. ”


“I was on an Executive Assignment with my company and did not know how I was going to keep up with this assignment, my current job as well as my personal life. I handled it all with ease because of About You (Formerly known as Gotcha Covered Errands). The Lifestyle Management and Concierge Services are exceptional. They organized all the services and support I needed and very quickly became proactive in anticipating my needs. With About You, I was able to spend time on what was important and not only did I accomplish all of my goals. I’ve never felt more relaxed or stress-free then I did during that time. I wish About You was local in my city. About You Concierge is First Class.”


“Jane did an exceptional job supporting a team of executives for three weeks. From finding them a private home and setting it up to live in during their stay, to identifying and planning activities to help them immerse themselves in the local community, she was so knowledgeable. She also supported the team daily with groceries, to dinner reservations to dry cleaning. No task was too small or large for her. She executed all aspects of her concierge support professionally and with great efficiency.”


“I spent several weeks, including weekends, in Richmond on an extended business trip. Local company personnel had hired some firm called About You Concierge, (formerly known as Gotcha Covered Errands) to assist with logistics and such while I was in town. Jane exceeded my expectations for setting up meal arrangements, laundry service grocery shopping, entertainment ideas and chasing down needed business supplies. Her constant smile and desire to make my stay as comfortable easy possible was simply fabulous. Thanks Jane.”


“Jane’s input and results-driven attitude has garnered great success when she has been a part of any proposed project such as the recent Business Acceleration Marketing and Management (BAMM) event and previous Business Connection events. Jane presents very detailed action steps to the desired goal. Specifically any task which might be overwhelming to others is seamlessly executed by Jane.”


It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience.  In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10.