Executive CONCIERGE / Lifestyle Managers


Tired of waiting for the repair guy to arrive during those annoying four-hour windows? Wondering how you will make it to the dry cleaners before they close because your meeting went over? Had enough of unorganized closets, long list of errands, and never having time to get it all done?

You are not alone! 

We help clients daily with those types of requests and much more. We are the experts on getting things done! Feel immediately better when you give our executive concierge services a try, knowing they are handled right the first time asked, and knowing you no longer have to do these personal time consuming tasks.

Browse our list of services below to see just a few additional personal services we provide, but that’s not all.

Executive Services Include

Shopping Packing:
Gift Purchase
Returns and Exchanges
Dry Cleaning
Post Office
Vet Appointments

Event & Party Planning:
Venue Location and Booking
Office Parties
AV Rental

Vacation Check:
Get Mail and Paper
Water Plants
Turn AC/Heat Up or Down
Check on Pets
Check Pool Water Levels

Wait Service at Home
Contractor Coordination
Wait in Line Service
Packing and Unpacking