For those times you can't do everything, 
About You Concierge is ready to assist with your project or task.


Corporate Logistics

The world of corporate logistics can be overwhelming if you do not have the right contacts.  With our vetted vendors we will assist with location scouting, speakers, activities, and catering.  Should you need office supplies, AV needs or just simply pads of paper and pens, About You Concierge will assist as much or as little as needed.  We understand, it truly is all About You!


Executive Concierge

When your life gets hectic, About You Concierge is here to assist. We understand there are times when you need an extra hand to help with daily tasks, errands, organizing, and more. Providing prompt, professional, discreet and caring service. Customized to what you want and need.



We are the eyes and ears of businesses that are not local to the Richmond area.  If you have clients or business in the area and it makes sense to hire a trusted source to handle the job, About You Concierge is available to assist. From research, to hand delivering items, making sure lodging is perfect for your client, or installing equipment, About You Concierge will complete the required task.  


Corporate Concierge

A Corporate Concierge is a valuable resource to an organization’s workforce.  Providing valuable time savings to employees by eliminating distractions of daily life tasks, allows for more focus, less burn out, and better productivity.  This company benefit demonstrates the importance and value you place on your workforce.


Packing & Unpacking

Moving is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times in your life! About You Concierge is available to assist with de-cluttering before your move as well as packing your belongings before the mover shows up.   Once you are in your new home, we will unpack, and get you organized, allowing you to settle into your new home much faster than if you were working alone.